Casino Adjara offers a wide range of electronic gaming stations for all flavors and gaming styles with 204 easily accessible machines and games that can start from 0.01 GEL all the way up to 100 GEL per spin according to the customer’s preference.
Our slot machines are ready to excite players that are looking for state of the art technology machines or if your taste is satisfied with simpler options, Casino Adjara is ready to accommodate them with local market favorites as well.
In addition to gaming style options, we also offer choices in atmosphere with two electronic gaming floors. Our 1st floor requires guests to register and a smart casual dress code is applied for those who choose a more selective gaming experience.
The 2nd floor entry requires no registration and a more relaxed dress code is observed for those guests who are seeking a more relaxed but always secure atmosphere.
Casino Adjara’s electronic gaming floors enjoy a high visitation from customers both local and foreign. Regardless of the time of day and as everybody knows, the greatest atmosphere is influenced by people having fun…