Are you tired of lottery winners that have just walked off the street while you are a regular of an establishment…?

Then our lotteries are for you! Casino Adjara does not just hand out lottery tickets to guests that have simply walked in through the door, nor do we have our PR staff on the streets cheaply luring customers by giving away lottery tickets.

Our lotteries are designed for OUR guests! All you need to do to be eligible for our lotteries is simply play your favorite slot games.Not only do you have the chance to win up to 7 000 GEl every Tuesday and Friday at 19:00 but every winner gets to choose a number from the Roulette wheel where you are able to win an extra 2,500 GEL.If there is no winner of the Roulette bonus game, we do not remove the cash, it rolls over to the next lottery, ensuring all prizes are always paid to our guests!Does it all that sounds good? And every months second Friday at 21:30,for players who play 5 GEL and up have the chance to get ticket (for information please contact our Slot operators) for the lottery with 10 000 Gel found (prizes 1000,2000,7000)