Casino Adjara regularly holds various types of draws.

• Every Monday 5000 GEL draw

• Every Tuesday and Friday,Slot Lottery-the bonus amount is 7,000 GEL

• Every Wednesday 7,500 GEL draw

• VIP slot on every second Friday 10.000 GEL draw

• VIP on the first Friday of each month 75,000 GEL draw

• Every Friday - 12,000  GEL draw


• Every Saturday 15,000 GEL draw

Tickets to participate in lotteries are issued continuously during the game on all gaming tables, under certain conditions. The casino staff will be happy to assist you in providing detailed information for lottery tickets and the raffling.
For more information about all Casino Adjara lotteries, click here.
In addition to the weekly lotteries, Casino Adjara organizes commemorative draws to mark the various dates and holidays.The commemorative draws are held with show programs and the participation of many renowned artists.