Casino Adjara is always happy to offer more opportunities to its guests and, thus, our Casino invites you 5 days a week to take part in our three types of lottery: 
Casino Lottery, Casino VIP Lottery and the Slots lotteries.
The lottery’s prize pool depends on the duration of the lottery.  

Our current lottery “ADJARA 20” starts on June 18th and will last till 28 of December.

The lottery prize pool amounts is  2.097.000 GEL.

The lottery draw will be held on the following days:


 “ADJARA 20”  - every Monday,beginning at 22:00. 10,000 GEL are raffled. 

 “ADJARA 20”  - Slot - every Tuesday  and Friday,the draw is held from 19:00 to  21:00 every 30  minutes and the bonus amounts to 6,000 GEL

Current Jackpot

9 500 GEL


“ADJARA 20” -  every Wednesday,beginning at 22:00.12,000 GEL  are raffled


“ADJARA 20 “ - VIP SLOTS -every second Friday,beginning at 22:00. 10,000 GEL are raffled 


“ADJARA 20”-VIP every month's first Friday,beginning at 22:00. 100,000 GEL are raffled. 

“ADJARA 20”  - every Saturday,beginning at 22:00. 15,000 GEL are raffled.