Mystery Jackpots

•   Thunder Mystery Jackpot

Our Thunder Mystery Jackpot is a four level jackpot system which can be won on designated slot machines.
Available on 26 high tech SUPER V+ GAMINATORS and 8 SUPER V+ GAMINATORS slant tops with 26 inch monitors for more comfort, provides our guests with options that keeps the excitement level high.
Providing options of winning from 25 GEL up to 15,000 GEL simply adds to your fun.

•    Vega Vision Mystery Jackpot

Jackpot options of winning from 25 GEL up to 10,000 GEL on our EGT VEGA VISION V+ slant top machines, equipped with 22 inch monitors with exceptional graphics display. The combination of these slant top machines with multi game and multi denomination options ensures your enjoyment.

•    Classic Blend Mystery Jackpot

Choose between 16 EGT VEGA VISION V+ upright machines or if you need to relax then 8 EGT VEGA VISION V+ slant top machines are waiting for your enjoyment with options of multi games and multi denominations.
This is a three level mystery jackpot with winnings up to 20,000 GEL

•     Mega Cash

Mega cash mystery jackpot can be won during your gaming entertainment on our new IGT slot machines. Playing games that are unique to Casino Adjara, you have the additional opportunity of playing your favorite game and simply being awarded “like magic” additional amounts that range from 25 GEL all the way to 10 000 GEL. 

•     Money Rain

The name says it all “MONEY RAIN” you’ll find our money rain mystery jackpot on our first floor, entertain yourself on our comfortable IGT machines and get showered with winnings

•    Lucky Win

Feel the glamour and envy while winning amounts that can reach 15 000 GEL while playing the well known and popular Novomatic games on our ground floor… While enjoying a comfortable, elegant and relax atmosphere AND winning amount that makes you feel you’ve simply been given money, will surely make you feel “LUCKY”